✈ Trip from Milan to Anna Maria Island (2024)

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Prices are for flights from Milan to Anna Maria Island for 1 adult in Economy. Flight times are based on nonstop flights or flights with the fewest stops available.

Flight information for Milan to Anna Maria Island to help you plan your next trip.

Cheapest one-way flight£266

JetBlue, Condor, Air Dolomiti2 stops24 hrMay 8

The cheapest one-way flight from Milan to Anna Maria Island is currently £266
Fastest flight12 hr 55 minThe fastest flight with stops from Milan to Anna Maria Island takes 12 hr 55 min
Nonstop flightsNoneThere are no direct flights on this route.

When is the cheapest time to fly?

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Typical prices for the least expensive round-trip flights from Milan to Anna Maria Island per month. Insights are based on fares observed in the last 12 months. Current prices may differ.

The cheapest month to fly from Milan to Anna Maria Island is typically November. The most expensive one is typically July.



Typical prices: £430–540

Most expensive

Typical prices: £770–1,050

Popular airports near Milan

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Distance and driving time are relative to the city center. Airports are listed based on distance from Milan center and popularity with travelers.

  • Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP)


    56 min

    25 mi

  • Milan Bergamo Airport (BGY)


    58 min

    28 mi

  • Milan Linate Airport (LIN)


    28 min

    4 mi

  • Treviso Airport (TSF)


    3 hr 13 min

    146 mi

Popular airports near Anna Maria Island

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Distance and driving time are relative to the city center. Airports are listed based on distance from Anna Maria Island center and popularity with travelers.

  • Orlando International Airport (MCO)


    2 hr 13 min

    107 mi

  • Tampa International Airport (TPA)


    1 hr 6 min

    34 mi

  • Sarasota Bradenton International Airport (SRQ)


    33 min

    12 mi

  • Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW)

    Fort Myers

    1 hr 53 min

    89 mi

Frequently asked questions about flying from Milan to Anna Maria Island

How long does it take to fly from Milan to Anna Maria Island?

12 hr 55 min is the shortest flight time from Milan to Anna Maria Island.

When are the cheapest days to fly from Milan to Anna Maria Island?

The cheapest days to fly are usually in November. Typical prices range from £430 to £540.

Which airlines provide the cheapest flights from Milan to Anna Maria Island?

The best one-way deal was with JetBlue, Condor, Air Dolomiti from £266.

When are direct flights from Milan to Anna Maria Island available?

There are no direct flights from Milan to Anna Maria Island.

Which airlines have direct flights from Milan to Anna Maria Island?

No airline flies direct from Milan to Anna Maria Island.

What are the cheapest flights from Milan to Anna Maria Island?

The cheapest one-way flight starts at £266 and departs on Wed, May 8.

When should you visit Anna Maria Island?

Anna Maria Island has warm temperatures year-round. Spring and summer (Mar–Aug) are the most popular times to visit, though the hottest months (Jun–Sep) see an increased chance of rain. Bridge Street Market operates Nov–Apr. The annual Bayfest (Oct) offers live music, food and craft vendors.

How do I find cheap dates to fly from Milan to Anna Maria Island

It's easy to use Google Flights to find the cheapest days to fly from Milan to Anna Maria Island.
Just click the Departure label near the top of the page to open the calendar. Choose a start date and a return date to see how the round-trip fare changes on those specific days.
Adjust the trip type to see one-way fares. The cheapest available flights are highlighted and easy to spot. Once you settle on dates, click the Search button to see flight options and book the deal.

You can also turn on price tracking to get alerts if the price changes for a route or flight.

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Popular trips from Milan

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These suggestions are based on the cheapest fares to popular destinations in the next six months.

Prices include required taxes + fees for 1 adult. Optional charges and bag fees may apply.

  1. Tokyo

    May 24 — Jun 6

  2. Lisbon


    Jun 6 — Jun 20

    Nonstop2 hr 55 minRyanair

  3. Barcelona


    May 16 — May 30

    Nonstop1 hr 40 minVueling

  4. Amsterdam


    Sep 5 — Sep 18

    Nonstop2 hreasyJet

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✈ Trip from Milan to Anna Maria Island (2024)


How many days are enough in Milan? ›

4-6 Days in Milan

After sightseeing on day one, lacing up your hiking boots on day two, and experiencing contemporary Milan on day three. Day four would be a good time to see more sights outside the city. A great option is to travel just south of Milan to the village of Certosa di Pavia.

How many days do you need in Milan and Lake Como? ›

Travelers to Italy typically plan a trip for eight to 10 days when combining both Lake Como and Milan with Lake Garda. If you're not interested in Lake Garda, a week to eight days is enough for your Lake Como and Milan trip. Even travelers with limited time can see the highlights in as few as five or six days.

Is it better to stay in Milan or Florence? ›

When it comes to deciding which city is better in the case of Florence and Milan, it really depends on what you are looking for. Florence is known for its art and history, while Milan is Italy's business hub. Both Florence and Milan are among the best cities in Italy and living in each comes with its pros and cons.

Is Lake Como a day trip from Milan? ›

This makes a day trip from near-by Milan very doable. Sure, it'd be ideal to spend as much time on Lake Como as possible. But whether you're pressed for time, or pressed for cash, a day trip to Lake Como from Milan is still a worthwhile way to experience this magical place.

What is the best month to visit Milan? ›

The best time to visit Milan is from April to June and September to October, when the weather is mild and there are fewer crowds. July and August are the busiest months, as well as the hottest. November to March sees cool weather and fewer tourists.

Which month is best in Milan? ›

The best times to visit Milan are April to May or September to October. These spring and fall months straddle the city's manic peak tourism season, and they also escape the summer's sweltering temperatures.

Is 1 day in Lake Como enough? ›

If it were up to me, I would recommend visiting the lake for at least 3 or 4 days, choosing from the many activities in the area such as a visit to the most beautiful historic villas, guided nature tours or simply discovering the most picturesque villages on Lake Como.

Is it worth staying in Lake Como or Milan? ›

Tourists will generally find more to do in Milan than Como. It is bigger and it has more sights, attractions, and activities for travelers. Milan is very popular for its museums, nightlife, music, historical sights, and big city activities, while Como attracts visitors for its beaches and hiking.

How many nights in Lake Como is enough? ›

Is 4 days in Lake Como too much? If you have the time to stay in Lake Como for 4 days or longer, I cannot recommend enough to do it. There are so many beautiful places to explore and so many things to do.

Where to avoid staying in Milan? ›

Not safe areas in Milan at night:
  • via Palmanova.
  • zona Corvetto.
  • Quarto Oggiaro.
  • Lorenteggio.

What area of Milan is the best to stay in? ›

We recommend staying in Duomo or Sant'Ambrogio. In Milan to shop? You might enjoy staying in Duomo, Porta Venezia or Navigli. Here to appreciate Milan's art and architecture?

Is Milan friendly to tourists? ›

Milan remains a safe destination for tourists who want to shop, dine, see art, and admire the city's stunning architecture and culture.

How much does it cost from Milan to Lake Como by train? ›

A single ticket on regional trains costs €4.80* and €12* for the fastest services, a slower but more scenic alternative is taking the train from Milano Nord Cadorna to Como Nord Lago, with single tickets beginning at €4.80* and hourly departures.

How far is Milan from Lake Como day trip? ›

Milan to Lake Como by Train

This 80-km journey takes just over an hour and costs around €6 – €7 each way. Half of the journey will be next to Lake Como, so you can enjoy some stunning scenery from the train.

How long is the train journey from Milan to Lake Como? ›

Usually, the train from Milan to Lake Como takes just 48 minutes, but can take just 37 minutes on the fastest Trenitalia services. With around 63 trains running on this popular route each day, you don't need to worry about changing along the way.

Is 3 days in Milan too much? ›

Exploring Milan in 3 days is definitely doable. All the city's main sites are in and around Centro Storico, so walking is the best way to get around.

Is 3 days enough to see Milan? ›

Three days are the ideal time for a holiday in Milano. A city that offers an incredible mix of history, attractions and entertainment. This itinerary was mapped out to make your visit complete and help you indulge your passion for Milano.

Is 4 days too long for Milan? ›

Milan, the city of art and fashion, is waiting for you. If you've got a few days free and want to come and see it in 4 days, get ready because I've organised an itinerary that won't let you miss a thing. Despite not being the capital of Italy, Milan is full of things to see and do at every turn.

Is 2 days enough to visit Milan? ›

However, we think two days is a good balance because it allows you to break up the big attractions – the Last Supper and the Duomo di Milano – and hit them on separate days.


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