Paul Heyman and CM Punk’s WWE History Explained (2024)

Paul Heyman and CM Punk's new reunion on SmackDown warrants a brief on the great history the two share in WWE. Read on to know what it is.

By Mohammad Bilal

Published on Jun 22, 2024 | 05:34 PM IST| 71.8K

Paul Heyman and CM Punk’s WWE History Explained (1)

CM Punk and Paul Heyman. Photo: Getty/Instagram

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  • How did Paul Heyman bring CM Punk into WWE?
  • How did Paul Heyman back CM Punk against WWE?

The Wise Man, Paul Heyman has once again joined hands with CM Punk after 12 long years. On Friday Night SmackDown, a disgusted Paul Heyman, who was not at all happy with the current leadership of Bloodline under Solo Sikoa requested CM Punk to take him along. And Punk obliged.

The reunion with The Second City Saint marks a significant moment in WWE's history as the duo has come together after 12 years. However, Punk is not doing Heyman any favors. Instead, it is a comeback that wouldn't have been possible without Paul Heyman spotting CM Punk in the first place.

How did Paul Heyman bring CM Punk into WWE?

Paul Heyman, one of the best creative minds in the professional wrestling industry has always had a knack for good talents. Wrestlers whom Paul has backed have gone on to deliver great stories. Be it Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, or CM Punk.

In an interview with Inside The Ropes in July 2016, Paul Heyman revealed how he spotted Punk, and how he took the efforts of shaping him and guiding through the intricacies of the wrestling industry. But Punk had no idea that Heyman had eyed him and his wrestling skills at the Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), WWE’s development territory in the early 2000s.

Punk himself once accepted that he had never thought of making it to WWE TV and it was Paul Heyman eventually who brought him under the folds of Stamford-based promotion. “I was never supposed to make it onto WWE TV,” Punk said in an interview with NotSam Wrestling.


He said that Paul Heyman was the guy who had his back when nobody did, and thereby he would always remain his guy.Punk said that even if Heyman asks him to come to New York, at 4 am in the morning, he would do so, out of respect for him.

Though CM Punk made his WWE debut in 2006, through ECW, the duo aligned in front of the camera only in 2012. This was the beginning of the golden period for Punk who set a record of being a WWE Champion for 434 days. However, the manner in which he had to drop the belt to Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson at Royal Rumble 2013, led Punk to cut ties with WWE in 2014. But during that time also Heyman backed Punk.

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How did Paul Heyman back CM Punk against WWE?


The reason why CM Punk has high regards for Punk is because it was only Paul Heyman who supported Punk when he had developed cold feet with former WWE

In an interview with Chris Jericho, Heyman revealed that “Punk had enough, and he couldn’t take it anymore.” The Hall of Famer said that Punk had been confiding to him about how frustrated he was with his booking in the company, and how he desperately wanted to leave.

He mentioned that on the day when Punk walked away in 2014, he wasn’t surprised, because he had been seeing him struggling for a long time. According to Heyman, Punk couldn’t find that passion to continue to do what he loved doing in WWE.

Heyman had once also said that it’s very difficult to build a chemistry with any other wrestler, as he had with Brock Lesnar or CM Punk in WWE. He considered both of these wrestlers, as future stars which they obviously became.


And now, after 12 years Heyman and Punk have aligned once again. It would be interesting to see how Heyman presents Punk’s character in WWE now. Or will Heyman betray Punk once again as Roman Reigns comes back? Only time will tell.

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Paul Heyman and CM Punk’s WWE History Explained (2)

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Paul Heyman and CM Punk’s WWE History Explained (2024)


Paul Heyman and CM Punk’s WWE History Explained? ›

Paul Heyman Noticed CM Punk In OVW

Who is CM Punk's brother? ›

Did Paul Heyman mention Brock Lesnar? ›

Heyman also raised eyebrows by mentioning Brock Lesnar — something WWE has steered clear of for much of 2024.

Has CM Punk talked to his brother? ›

When the promotion started taking off while doing shows out of a warehouse in Mokena, Illinois, Punk found out that his brother had embezzled thousands of dollars from the small company, causing them to become estranged. They have not spoken since.

Who ended CM Punk's reign? ›

The apex of Punk's reign came at Royal Rumble 2013, where he collided with The Rock in a match that symbolized the end of an era. Despite his meticulous self-preservation tactics, Punk's loss to The Rock marked the conclusion of his transition from beloved anti-hero to a character driven by ego and self-preservation.

Why did Paul Heyman leave the WWE? ›

McMahon attempted to put the blame on Heyman for the poorly received pay-per-view, and after a meeting with Vince and Stephanie McMahon, Heyman legitimately left WWE but remained under contract.

What is Paul Heyman WWE nicknames? ›

Paul Heyman Reveals How He Got His 'Wiseman' & 'Special Counsel' Nicknames. – During a recent interview with Wrestle Rant's Graham GSM Matthews, WWE's Paul Heyman discussed his roles as The Special Counsel to the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns and also the Wiseman. According to Heyman, Reigns granted him those nicknames.

Who is CM Punk's real wife? ›

Who is the big brother of Roman Reigns? ›

Rosey is the elder child of Sika Anoaʻi (WWE Hall Of Famer), and the elder brother of current WWE Universal Titleholder Roman Reigns.

Does CM Punk have kids? ›

The self-proclaimed Best in the World took to his Instagram Story to share a picture of CM Punk along with the two NXT stars posing inside a gym post their workout. Punk called both of them his daughters. For a long time, Jade has been calling Punk and AJ Lee as her 'Wrestling Parents.


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